Observed Properties of the Andara Crystals

ANDARA Crystals range in color from light to dark, clear to champagne, silver, to blue, amber, and rarest of all green, yellow, pink and lavender.

The overall properties of the Andara are trust and working through the heart, they greatly accelerate ones growth process.

Root beer brown also called Indian Pearl and known as Shaman Stone/Peace Keepers are known for transforming disharmony. Also very grounding and can help with sleep and digestive disorders. Flighty, spacey people would benefit from these stones.

Yellow promotes decisiveness, mental clarity and power. Brings harmony through detachment to the 3rd chakra.

Green, also known as; Atlantian Green, Dolphin Green, and Merlin's Light, opens the heart, and helps to bring balance and healing,
Detoxifies negativity.

Blue, or Avalon, brings forth peace, harmony and calm. Holds the energy of compassion.
Creates flow and movement.

Champagne, or Camelot, holds the energy of joy and wonder, works with lungs, heart and solar plexus.

Clear, or Oracle, this crystal is a channel for wisdom and focus. It holds the energy of clarity and brilliance.

Pink, promotes unconditional love and compassion, opens the heart chakra forgiving and receiving.

Amber, or Golden brown, promotes the direction of ones path and choices, creates mental and emotional strength. Works with the hara chakra (2nd), has calming effect.

Lavender, a powerful psychic crystal, helps put you in touch with your intuition, opens the spiritual psychic center of the mind.

Seafoam, these Andaras carry some or all the properties of the crystals, but in a more primal context, they are very beautiful and mysterious.

A channeled description of Andara properties
By Margaret Ruby
Founder of Possibilities Vocational School

Avalon- blue
Holds the energy of the high priestess. Restores grace, peace and harmony, acceptance and compassion, it brings fourth peaceful change. It is a channel for divine energy. It holds mother energy.

Shaman's Stone- brown
Holds the energy of grounding it helps you build foundations. It holds the powers of shape shifting the ability to see things from new perspectives. It clears old energies. It returns all things back to their original state. It holds father energy.

Camelot- champagne
It holds the energy of wonder, restoring joy, innocence and magnificence. It builds community and creates possibilities. It holds universal knowledge. It opens the heart of the child.

Merlin's Light- green
It holds the energy of magic. It brings forth vision and manifestation. It awakens leprechaun alchemy and restores the powers of royalty. It holds the ancient knowledge of the emerald tablets. It gives you access to many dimensions. It awakens the wisdom of the grand mothers.

Oracle- clear
It holds the energy of clarity. It restores focus, wisdom, and truth. It opens the doorway to the future. It is the director of energy. It holds the wisdom of the grandfather.



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