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Mickey has found other sites that have information, goods and services that may be of use to you. There are not too many right now since Micky is very selective, choosing sites which are trustworthy and helpful.

Lady Nellie's Andara Crystals

Yogadventure, yoga tours to Italy and yoga classes in Santa Cruz, Los Gatos and Campbell California

HolisticSeek.com Alternative provider and product community

Wisdom Magazine Wisdom of the heavens, earth, body, mind & soul


Iím delighted to introduce you to a wonderful trusted friend, Kumiko, who is a wizard with her hands! Kumiko creates vibrant Andara jewelry and is my honored representative in Japan distributing Lady Nellieís Andaras.

The beautiful piece below is a representation of her work, you may see more on her site: MelodyStone

andara jewlery

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