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by Sandra Nelson, from the pages of Wisdom Magazine

Embedded in the floor of Chartres Cathedral in France is an eleven-circuit labyrinth created over 800 years ago. Labyrinths and the simple spiral designs on which they are based have been replicated on coins, pottery, and cave walls as far back as the megalithic societies of the British Isles over 5000 years ago. The spiral was and still is a powerful symbol of the transformative powers of nature, mother and goddess. Laid out in fields, atop mountains, and embedded within church floors, labyrinths and spiral designs have been a sort of compass, guiding humanity back to our spiritual center.

Created in a field near Soquel, California is a spiral like no other. Built on a raised platform measuring 30 feet by 30 feet, it is lined with over 450 Andara Crystals in various colors and ranging from 1to140 pounds each.

I first experienced Andara crystals while visiting Mount Shasta Middle Earth, The Crystal Room in Mount Shasta City, California. Beverly Wilson, owner and manager of The Crystal Room introduced me to them when a display of emerald green glass-like stones caught my attention. Placing one in the palm of my left hand, she told me that they were found on sacred land owned by a Native American woman in Northern California. She went on to tell me of the Andara's connection to Lemuria, their healing qualities and their ability to not only partner with you to co-create the life you choose, but to decrease the time needed to manifest your choices. Holding the Andara, I closed my eyes, as it seemed to come to life with energy that felt like an eggbeater spinning in my hand. The spinning created a vortex of energy, which quickly moved throughout my body.

In a message from Thoth, channeled through Rev. Maia Christianne Nartoomid we have learned, "…Andara is the name we have chosen to give these crystals. They are composed primarily of "prima matra" (sacred matter) heated to very high temperatures. The "sacred matter" powders coming from this land were created by an inter-dimensional energy implosion creating Blue Needles, which are highly charged itonic (particles of supra-atomic substance) streams falling inter-dimensionally into a moving and spinning field of energy, creating whirling elongated holes in time…Approximately 2000 years after the implosion had occurred, a Lemurian temple complex was raised on this site. The name of this temple was "Andara," meaning "Light of Beauty and Perfection." The primary purpose of this complex was in working with the prima matra powders, crystals, and water of the land to transmute their crystalline DNA…"

Since my first introduction to Andara crystals, the desire to know more, led me to the "Keepers of the Andara," Mickey Magic and Gabriella Christolos. In March, my niece Christine Scott and I had the pleasure of meeting Mickey and Gabriella, and walking the spiral built behind their home in Soquel. From the moment Christine and I arrived, we were welcomed like old friends. The afternoon was filled with lively conversation about personal growth through spiritual experiences and by sharing healing methods we now use.

A little over a year ago, during a dream, Mickey received the inspiration to build the spiral. Likening it to the movie, "Field of Dreams," Mickey was told, "build it and they will come." With help from a friend, and following guidance received during the dream, the spiral soon became a reality; it was built, and they do come. Often scheduling weeks in advance, people come from all over to receive healing from Mickey or Gabriella, walk the spiral, and to purchase Andara crystals.

As Christine and I prepared to walk the spiral, Mickey told us, "It is a dial-up to an impartial, impersonal part of God. Before entering," he advised, "be clear of your intention, wish, or desire. Hold that in focus while walking in, using all your senses to the fullest including your emotions about it. What do you want? What does it look like, and how do you feel having it in your life?"

Brown Andara crystals line part of the entrance and stand guard at the four corners of the platform to add masculine energy as a balance to the spiral, which is symbolic of the divine feminine. In the very center sits the largest Andara, a blue-green crystal referred to as "The Grandmother." Mickey instructed, "Once there, give thanks to Grandmother and the other Andaras for hearing your request. Then, walking out of the spiral, hold the energy of gratitude, knowing the results of your request will be for your best and highest good." This time, passing the brown Andara crystals at the entrance anchors your intention, allowing you to let go of the outcome, trusting that you were heard and acknowledged. "Let it go and accept the results with gratitude. Have trust and faith that whatever is given to you is perfect," said Mickey. "Thy will be done," he added. "Walking the spiral in this way releases the attachment to your desires, which are usually fear based from the belief that we are not enough. We are enough," he told us, "and what the Universe sends us is confirmation that we are enough…this or something better. It's a manifestation machine," he said with a smile.

The Andara crystals surfaced following an earthquake in the mid 1960's, on land owned by an Irish Choctaw medicine woman named Nellie. They remained relatively un-noticed until a pychic healer named Ally visited Nellie at her home. The healer became excited when she noticed a unique glass-like crystal and told Nellie that she had received visions about that crystal. Even though that was the only Andara Nellie had found in ten years, she was encouraged to search her land for more. Nellie was told that the crystals would be found near places containing a white powdery substance. In her visions, Ally saw white dust created from `unicorns rubbing their horns together in play." Nellie remembered seeing the white powder, and upon returning to her land, found a variety of crystals in several colors, shapes and sizes. Since then, another earthquake covered the main supply which is now limited.

Two years after Gabriella was diagnosed with breast cancer, a friend told her about a medicine woman who owned "incredible land." "I was going through a self-healing, and was driven to meet Nellie," she said. From the moment they met, Gabriella remembered, "I felt a heart connection with Nellie, from another time and place…reconnecting."

Gabriella credits the Andara crystals in regaining her health and vitality. After meeting Nellie, Gabriella lived with the crystals. She slept with them, carried them in her bra, and placed some in her garden and by the front door to her home. She even drank water charged with their energy by soaking them in mason jars filled with water. All habits she continues to this day.

Since Andara crystals were first discovered, many people working with them have experienced major shifts in their lives. Richard Bryant, a medical intuitive and geomancer in Vancouver, WA writes, "…The healing properties of the Andaras are similar to the way other crystals function as amplifiers of consciousness. They are different because they can amplify a much higher range of frequencies if the individual using the Andara crystal is able to raise their own vibration to match, receive, and mediate the higher frequencies. Meditating with Andaras, using gem elixirs made from them, carrying them, and working with them in other ways will help us to attune to them and increase our ability to use them as tools for healing and the science of exploring our consciousness…"

It was Gabriella who introduced Mickey to Nellie. As it had with Gabriella, meeting Nellie changed Mickey's life forever. Upon arriving at her home, Mickey remembered, "Andara crystals were everywhere in the yard!" Before leaving that day, Mickey was gifted with a 115 pound green Andara, which he placed outside his bedroom window. For the following three weeks, he had "wild dreams." And people who lived close by started to comment on the "weird dreams" they were having.

For Mickey and Gabriella, working with Andara crystals added another dimension to their lives as healers. Mickey, an ordained, interfaith minister, Life Coach and energy healer worked with Native American medicine men such as Indio, a Mescalero Apache Chief and Chief Sonne Reyna. Mickey works his magic to balance the chakras and neutralize the unwanted components such as past life issues and archetypes, which carry over and influence our current life through DNA. He is a certified DNA healer through Possibilities DNA. In addition, he studies with Caroline Myss, Ph.D. and is featured in her book, "Sacred Contracts."

In the process of writing his memoir, Mickey told me he was deeply entrenched in 3rd dimension thinking and behavior in a destructive way before becoming awakened, and walking the enlightened path. "My life is flowing," he said, "I'm not only happy, I'm joyful. Happiness is external and joy is internal…when you make room for gratitude." Pausing for a moment, he added, "The opposite of happy is sad. Joy has no opposite…one must feel safe to feel joy."

For five years, Mickey apprenticed under Hocus Pocus, a professional magic clown who had his own TV show in San Jose, California in the 1960's and 70's. It was during his apprenticeship that the children who were entertained by his performances named him Mickey Magic.

With his continuous spirit of giving, Mickey created a "Forgiveness Letter". "Writing the Forgiveness Letter allows one to touch base with what is painful," he said. "In our adult life, we try to forget past hurts, but for the wounded without a voice, pain remains unresolved. The Letter gives an opportunity for the child within to express how afraid, hurt and angry they are. Writing the letter heals the body through forgiveness and releasing, keeping the cells from mutating and creating illness and disease."

As a "citizen of the world," Gabriella traveled for nearly ten years, gathering experiences from diverse cultures and bringing them home to share with others. "Travel activates my insights and wisdom," she said. "It sparks me on a cellular level…a body of wisdom held and contained, activated by visiting other countries. It opened me to the depths of myself, facilitating insights and laying the foundation for the person I have become."

Gabriella refers to herself as an "intuitive, energetic healer," using postural integration, structural myo-fascial work and a variety of massage therapies. With 30 years experience, she has studied and used massage, arivedic and Chinese medicine, the energetics of healing Reiki, and trained at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.

In addition, Gabriella uses the Andara crystals to form a geometric "crystal layout" she learned from Nellie. Using Andaras offers a "…very interesting and in-depth introduction to the stones," she said. "The process creates a unique healing experience, individual for each person, assisting him or her in their next evolution to their truth."

Five years ago, Gabriella became a certified practitioner of Possibilities DNA, a powerful and effective method used to pinpoint destructive core belief patterns and replace them with new beliefs for empowerment and self-healing.

Even though our visit that day seemed like minutes, hours had passed. We said our goodbyes and drove away. Christine and I were tired, yet energized with child-like excitement from a magical day. Neither of us slept well that night, yet we both woke early feeling rested and realized that the energy from walking the Andara spiral, and the magic from our visit with Mickey and Gabriella would be with us forever.

Sandra Nelson, an author, woodcrafter, healer and ordained minister shares her spiritual journeys through writing, teaching and speaking. She is the founder of NatureToSpirit.com, formerly ascension-sanctuary.com. Sandra can be reached at sandra@naturetospirit.com, or 360-901-6343. Richard Bryant, at richard@adinfinitum.org, or 541-991-1081. Rev. Maia Christianne Nartoomid, at maia@spiritheart.org, or www. spiritmythos.org.


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