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Mickey Magic is one of the greatest healers I have ever encountered. His wisdom, grace, and compassion inspired me from the first day I met him. I have worked with him for years now and he has become a very dear friend to me.

Recently, Mickey has done some Entity work with me that has been very powerful. As he explains it, when you meditate, zone out, or otherwise enter the cosmic plane, Entities, or wandering souls, can attach themselves to you. They are drawn to similar energy, so if you are feeling anxious, angry or sad, those Entities that are in a similar state gravitate to you and secure themselves in your body, looking for comfort and protection. These Entities intensify your emotional experiences and make it very difficult to find peace.

During a particularly difficult time, Mickey scanned me for Entities and found three. After a week of drinking a specialty tea he provided that makes the body inhospitable to the wayward souls, I returned for an exit ceremony. With the Entities agitated and ready to leave, Mickey talked me through the process of thanking them, comforting them, explaining what to expect, and then guiding them out of my body and beyond. I could physically feel them leaving through my throat and the sense of relief and lightness was palpable.

Through the entire process, Mickey was kind, nurturing and encouraging. I am very grateful for Mickey's work and encourage him to continue this treatment so that others may experience the incredible benefit as well.

Elizabeth H.
Santa Cruz, Ca

Mickey Magic is a Gifted Healer in a Class by Himself: Spirit truly works thru this Man! As we all travel on our journey through life, we occasionally need the help of someone who can lighten our load. Years ago I was sent to Mickey and have returned time and again for the special help he offers me. I am truely grateful for his presence in my life.

Christen Hanson
Capitola, California

I have worked with world class shamans, mediums and mystics from around the globe and Mickey Magic is one of them. Don't let Mickey Magic's playful and warm deimeanor (or his name) mislead you. He's a powerful transmittor of light and love, a significant healer, a true Shaman and a mystic to be reckoned with.
He's also lots of fun!

Darin Deterra, MFT, PhD

Like the sun who allows the daisy to bloom, the magician is a visionary who can bring unknown realities into reality. This power can be used by the Saint to further the forces of light, high frequency paradigms, and realities of unconditional love. By the thief, this power shall be used to gain something at the expense of others' loss...which in the end only means one's own loss...loss of remembering wholeness in the heart. In Sainthood, the power of magic shall be used to help humanity ascend, to remove the illusion of time and space and allow the bliss of light and limitless ecstasy to reappear in the hearts of all. During the course of one life, Mickey has experienced magic used for selfish gain and magic used for selfless gain. Having gained great understanding of both worlds, he has chosen selfless gain as his steering wheel forevermore.

This puts Mickey in a valuable societal position. He can understand anyone he meets with compassion. He can find a way to speak anyone's language while seeing their greatest potential. He can find the sent of a rose hidden in a dump. He can assist a person in letting potential jump from its hiding place behind a curtain like a rabbit appearing out of seemingly nowhere. Suddenly alive, real and full of new found innocence, the one who experiences this magic appears.

Mickey's generosity comes from a true love for life, self, others and all that is. This kind of generosity is necessary for humanity to evolve. This generosity is like a wave of warmth suddenly discovered during a swim though cold river. One minute you are shivering and the next you remember that the Divine Mother truly has her arms all around you.

This generosity sends out waves of love to everyone. Consequently, someone plagued by depression, anger and revenge in Mickey's presence can drop it and let a new self appear. Someone who has awakened to the realms of unconditional joy can ascend further. Mickey's gift seeing the highest in everyone and being able to connect to the world they see themselves in simultaneously. He can take a C, D, and E chord that is clashing within itself, juggle the notes in the air, and play C, E and G in harmony when he catches them. What happened?

His magic is practiced with children as a party magician. His magic is practiced with adults as a healer. In essence it is all the same. He is a master at bringing out the good, transforming what is not needed back into nothingness. He is the grand alchemist turning sugar cane and green peppermint leaves into a lollipop! As Dr. Laurie Moore I say that I am most grateful to know such a wonderful soul for a friend. As an eternal child, sometimes called one's inner child, I say, "I like Mickey! He's genuinely kind."

Years ago I had started a career project with someone whose heart was not as open as mine and the project was stalling. Mickey noticed this and asked to do some healing magic with me. I accepted the gift. His magic helped me to create a vision that allowed me to cut a chord and find chords with others who share my heart visions. Mickey saw what could be and asked me to see it myself. I went on to create work projects that worked best for my deeper dreams. I am thankful for his willingness to stick out his neck like that. Mickey will do that again and again. He appears where he is needed and makes his presence known in a way that is felt as acknowledgement in the heart by many.

Dr. Laurie Moore
Author of Creative Intimacy (2000)
The Cat's reincarnation and Unconditional Trust in Love (2005)
&Intelligent Love (2005)

Mickey's gift for healing is truly magic. He has a vast knowledge of the healing arts, but his skill in moving energy in the body, breaking up emotional blockages and healing wounds of the past is a magical thing.

Recently, Mickey helped me through a period of tremendous turmoil in my life. He made it easier for me to process, on a variety of levels, all that was happening. With Mickey's help, I went from viewing my challenges as bad things that I wished would go away to seeing them as special gifts that help me grow and expand my understanding and acceptance of life.

I feel like Mickey and I are on the same wavelength, but I think it is part of his gift that everyone who works with him feels that he is their kindred spirit. Who could not feel connected to this loving man dedicated to the service of others? How Mickey's magic works is a mystery to us all, but I feel healthier, happier, sharper mentally and stronger spiritually as a result of working with Mickey.

Joanne Kisling June 13, 2001

Mickey is one of the most amazing healers I know. Working with him for the last 4 years has transformed my life on all levels, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Before I met him I had tired all kinds of healing modalities, including western medicine to no avail. I am so grateful for Mickey!!!

Lisa Lemucchi - Thai massage therapist/Feng Shui/intuitive
(831) 464-1934

I first met Mickey in 2000 as he volunteered his Magician's skills to entertain children suffering the effects of cancer and the treatments used to combat the disease. When Mickey entered the room, children who had been listless, sad and bored became excited, animated and happy, with bright little faces and bursting with energy that they clearly lacked just moments before. My first thought was "how wonderful, this goofy guy really lifts the kids spirits!". In a very short time, I realized that Mickey's gifts extended far beyond the magic he so joyfully shared.

As I learned more about Mickey, his gift for love and healing became obvious and he shared his wisdom about life as freely as he did his magic. Soon I began seeking him out for advice. Over the years I have listened to Mickey, read suggested books and have watched my life change in ways I never even considered before meeting Mickey.

Mickey is the most amazing teacher! Through and because of Mickey, I have learned how to GET OUT OF MY OWN WAY! Mickey's wisdom is a special gift that is not easily explained or described, but his effect is positive and enduring, something very special to be treasured and shared.

Gail Levey, March 7, 2007

I am honored to write a letter of recommendation for Mickey Magic. I have known Mickey to be a bright, caring and energetic massage therapist and Healer Mickey continually searches out opportunities to learn and grow. He is not afraid of hard work and persists diligently when confronted with a challenge.

His creativity and enthusiasm in his work as a Healer continue to impress me. Mickey has the innate ability to infer deep-rooted feelings without talking and help his patients work through their feelings in a safe and loving environment Mickey and his" magic hands" has demonstrated a deep and committed effort to pinpoint his clients tensions and alleviate that tension so the client leaves with a wonderful sense of peacefulness and love He does this without words, his "hands" just know and find these areas.

His style of relating to people includes a strong position of empathy and he often instigates the kind of simple and playful humor that brings out the best in his clients

Janice lchtertz, February 10, 2003

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