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Kim Daniel

Energy Healer & Galactic Activator

About Me:

Welcome to my realm of energetic transformation and spiritual awakening. As an energy healer and Galactic Activator, I am deeply passionate about guiding individuals on their path towards holistic well-being and spiritual evolution.

My Journey:

Born and raised amidst the tranquil landscapes of Arkansas, my journey into the realms of metaphysics and spiritual inquiry began at a young age. Drawn by an insatiable curiosity and a yearning for deeper truths, I found myself seeking guidance from psychic readers even in my formative years.

It was in my early twenties that I embarked on a profound journey of self-discovery through meditation. This sacred practice became a cornerstone of my spiritual path, opening portals to higher realms of consciousness and inner wisdom.

In 2003, I embarked on a pivotal chapter of my journey when I joined the esteemed meditation group, Ozark Research Institute. Surrounded by kindred spirits and luminous souls, I immersed myself in the exploration of esoteric knowledge and mystical teachings. It was within this nurturing community that I first delved into the healing arts, initiating my journey as a Reiki practitioner.

Over the years, my journey as a healer took me on a wondrous odyssey of discovery, as Reiki evolved into a myriad of other modalities, each offering its own unique tapestry of healing and transformation.

In 2017, the horizon of my spiritual quest expanded even further when I was introduced to the profound healing potentials of plant medicine. Since then, I have been journeying deeply with these sacred allies, exploring the realms of consciousness and facilitating profound healing experiences for myself and others.

In 2019, guided by the cosmic currents of destiny, I found myself drawn to the radiant shores of California, where I embraced the accelerated path of spiritual evolution with open arms. Here, amidst the vibrant tapestry of the spiritual community, I continued to deepen my practices and expand my understanding of the cosmic dance of existence.

Through unwavering dedication and a commitment to personal growth, I have traversed the depths of my own being, honing my skills and refining my gifts so that I may serve as a beacon of light and healing for those who seek the path of transformation.


What I Offer:

Galactic Andara Activation

Embark on a transformative journey of inner exploration and energetic alignment with our Galactic Andara Activation session. Lasting an hour, this immersive experience is designed to elevate your consciousness, clear energetic blockages, and awaken your highest potential.

What to Expect:

  • Intention Setting: We begin by co-creating a sacred space and setting intentions for the session. Your intentions guide the energetic flow and focus of our time together, ensuring that we address your specific needs and goals.
  • Connection with Andaras: Seated across from each other, we harness the powerful energies of the Andaras, ancient luminescent crystals revered for their ability to amplify intentions and facilitate profound energetic shifts. Through their assistance, we establish a deep connection with higher dimensions to expanded states of consciousness.
  • Energetic Work: Guided by intuition and divine guidance, we delve into the depths of your energetic being, identifying and releasing blockages, traumas, and outdated patterns that no longer serve your highest good. With the support of the Andaras, we facilitate the necessary energetic realignment and healing, empowering you to step into greater alignment with your soul’s purpose and divine blueprint.


  • Clearing: Release stagnant energies and emotional blockages that hinder your spiritual growth and well-being.
  • Activation: Awaken dormant potentials and access higher states of consciousness, allowing for greater clarity, intuition, and inner guidance.
  • Alignment: Harmonize your energetic field with the frequencies of the Andaras and higher dimensions, facilitating profound transformation and expansion.


The Galactic Andara Activation session offers a sacred space for deep healing and spiritual growth, empowering you to embrace your journey with clarity, courage, and authenticity. The donation for this hour long session is $150.00. For those coming for the first time please allow an additional 30 minutes for us to get acquainted.

My Mission:

My mission is simple yet profound: to empower individuals to reclaim their innate power, awaken to their true essence, and embody their highest potential. With each session, I strive to create a sacred space where healing, transformation, and soulful exploration can unfold. It is very important to me to stay in integrity and to work with people that are doing the same.  Andaras are such beautiful beings that require the utmost respect.

Let’s Connect:

If you are ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual growth, I invite you to reach out and schedule a session with me. Together, we will illuminate the path towards wholeness, vitality, and radiant living. Email andaras@mickeymagic.com or call or text 831-475-4311 to make an appointment.

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