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Below is a channeled welcome message from the Andaras via Jennifer Bradley along with insight from Mickey Magic and Kim Daniel

We are the Andara. We have come forth at this time to assist in your ascension and that of your Mother Gaia.

The descriptions you read of our abilities are broad terms. There is so much more that we do, as you will find as you develop a relationship with your stones.

When you choose a stone, it is also choosing you. We bond with you. We tune to you and you tune to us. We enhance your DNA, raising your vibration and improving your ability to heal and grow, both physically and spiritually. We help you align your heart/brain connection.

We bring the pure divine love of the universe. We were active in what you call Lemuria and have been hidden since that time. We re-emerged 30 years ago to be available and assist you at this pivotal time in the your evolution.

We love you!



We are often asked the properties of the Andaras.  They all have a very distinct frequency.  Combinations made of the different Andaras also have a unique frequency.  The information below is a mix of information from the Andaras and from us which includes a brief description of some of the individual colors.


Sea Foam

Root Beer


Img 8819 Scaled 1.jpg

‘Elders were the first Andaras found on Nellie’s Land almost 50 years ago.’

 They are a Beautiful high vibrational, Monoatomic Earth Tool.  They carry a unique Grounding property that is very helpful in Manifesting (in bringing Higher Guidance into form).  Elders are found on top of the ground in the forest on Nellie’s Land.  We are not allowed to mine/dig them from the land as they need to stay there in the ground “to seed the earth.”  They consist of various shapes, sizes and colors. 

We came first, sprouting from the rich, fertile earth. A gift of love to be picked up and cherished.  These three are the core of the Andara energy.  This is the perfect trio for all of  your energy work.


I align your energy with the central sun, at the core of the universe.  My energy embodies the divine child, bathing your inner child in the brilliant light and love of the divine mother.  I lift your energy heavenward. 

The champagne Andaras come in several different colors: champange, blue, green, super clear.  This Andara has the most uplifting inspiring energy, the energy of an innocent child.  This andara helps you heal your inner child.  There is no part of us that needs more healing than our inner child.  Let’s play again!

Img 8693 Scaled 1.jpg

Shaman Stone or Root Beer

I am deeply grounding, stillness, tranquility, wrapping you in the dearest embrace of Mother Earth’s love. I am especially good for very deep shamanic work and shadow work. I root your energy deep within the Earth’s loving core.
Holding me in one hand and a Champagne in the other, you can feel the sacred energy align your core from the heart of Mother Earth to the Father Heart of the Central Sun and the union of the two within you, the divine child, making a holy trinity.
The Shaman brown Andaras are recommended for everyone. If you buy one Andara this should be the one. Grounding is of the utmost importance for beings that are looking to raise their vibration. If you are not grounded your ability to maintain a higher frequency can be challenging.

Img 13701 1 Scaled 1.jpg


Worlds within worlds, before worlds and beyond dreams. I help you work on your most ancient DNA and your heart to assist you in healing your ancestral lines. Multi-dimensional on many levels. It is the only Andaras that can replicate the frequencies of all the other elders. I and the Root Beer are excellent companions for astral travel.

We offer what we call the elder trio. If you are new to Andaras this would be a ideal set to start your Andara journey.

It is important to know that we all have these abilities. Our colors just help you focus your intentions in specific directions.

Light workers, energy worker, shadow workers will all feel the immense potency that we have to share.

Img 8597 Scaled 1.jpg


All of the different colored Andaras work with the corresponding chakra colors and archetypes.

Img 13551 Scaled 1.jpg

Dark Blue

Third Eye. Ethereal and dreamlike, my energy can help you develop your clairvoyance, remote viewing and astral travel.

Img 12831 Scaled 1.jpg


Throat Chakra. I align and open the throat chakra and giving information or. My energy is smooth and fluid, allowing for adaptability in receiving and giving information or sharing ideas.

Img 12631 Scaled 1.jpg


High heart/Lower throat chakra. I help you bring forward what's in your heart to communicate. Deep and soothing yet strong and active, like the sea.

Img 8384 Scaled 1.jpg


Heart Chakra. From Oliveen to emerald, I am verdant with new life, new beginnings along with potential and promise. You can cultivate new growth and see your own potential and beauty through my energy. I help you to see how truly sacred you are and how to love yourself. How to accept all parts of yourself as worthy and lovable.

Img 7745 Scaled 1.jpg


Root Chakra. Security, stability, passion and creation. I help you bring a clarity to all of this. I help you clear your foundation in this world so you can feel supported. In this way, you can allow your passion to be felt and not feared.

Img 9097 Scaled 1.jpg


Sacral Chakra. Flowing forth from the passion of red/root, my energy adds the element of nurture to your passion.

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