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Constant, positive change brings us opportunities for growth and new knowledge. The past few years have been so rich with change, it, at times, feels chaotic. Making sense - and good use - of such vibrant change is a challenge we all face. Knowing that even more excitement awaits us in the near future spurs us to prepare our minds, spirits and bodies for these shifts.

Mickey, through his life experience, became aware of the power within all of us, over time, he learned how to heal the wounds that prevent us from using that power.

Mickey learned the early steps of his path from Caroline Myss, Ph.D. Since that time, he has reached out to people in need of healing, sharing his special touch. Dr, Myss has included Mickey's story in her new book, Sacred Contracts, excerpted with permission.

In these pages, others share what Mickey has done for them and try to explain the undeniable power.

Mickey has learned to use Andara Crystals, also called Andara Stones or simply Andaras, and has gathered a very special collection of these beautiful, rare stones with the help of Lady Nellie. Mickey has been trained in a number of techniques, including Possibilities DNA.

During a recent pilgrimage to Nellie's property near Mount Shasta, new colors and properties of Monatomic Andara Crystals were revealed to Mickey. Enlisting the aid of Mark Naea, most of these new crystals have been studied. The colors which have revealed their properties are available. There will be more colors to come in good time - the properties must be revealed and understood before release.

Question: Mickey, I’ve seen many Andara Crystals offered up on eBay at very low prices – and usually the eBay items are shaped, highly polished, come in an amazing variety of colors and are credited with transformational properties.  I’m a bit confused about these stones since they (mostly) seem to be from Indonesia.  Would you please explain the difference?  Read the answer HERE and view videos about the crystals HERE then view the NEW SPIRAL

All Andaras are available for purchase, including the recently discovered colors of Monatomic Andara Crystals - Contact Mickey with your request, 831-475-4311, then Pay via PayPal

Each Andara comes with a certificate of authenticity by Mark Naea, with the blessings of Nellie and her daughter Leona.

The highly acclaimed Monatomic Crystal Webinar series featuring Andara
Crystal experts "Mickey Magic" and "not mark" (Mark Naea) is now available in DVD format. LEARN MORE

A disturbing trend is underfoot, snake oil salesfolks have been pedaling colored glass claiming the pieces are authentic. They have a web site which claims to be by and for Nellie. This is completely untrue. Learn more at Lady Nellie.ORG.

Sad, but good news, Lady Nellie has started a new journey as of last night. She passed quietly and peacefully in her sleep in Stockton, California. I say this is good news as she is now experiencing the ultimate freedom and now we have another powerful Angel watching over us. So, we need to mourn our loss and celebrate her life, her journey and our knowing her spirit. I'm helping Leona with arrangements, I'll let you know more as I know it. Much Love To You.... Mickey Magic, June 25, 2010

Contact Mickey by phone 831-475-4311, or send an email

Mickey Magic

Mickey has been a practicing alternative healer for decades; providing massage therapy, hands on healing, DNA alternative healing, spiritual and emotional healing to residents in Santa Cruz County and beyond.  Mickey’s wisdom includes The DNA of Healing through reconstruction, Vibrational Healing techniques and goes far beyond traditional methods.

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